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Introduction: Los Angeles Lakers being one of the top teams in the National Basketball Association is my personal favourite franchise in the Tier One sports of North America because of my passion for the sport and the current star who has won championships for the LA Lakers, Kobe Bryant. I remember watching the 2002 finals when I was just 7 years old with my older cousins where the Lakers won the championship with the help of Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal. Since that day, I have been a LA Lakers supporter. My goals for this report are to analyze the NBA and the LA Lakers franchise in terms of the marketing mix and the team statistics. Also to learn how the league had an exponential growth over the last 2 decades helping to contribute to the economy in terms of tourism, clothing lines (jerseys, hats and etc) and recognition on an International level. This report consists of the Marketing Mix which includes Product, Price, Place and Promotion. The LA Lakers franchise has done has an amazing job in terms of marketing due to the fact that this franchise has the most NBA Finals appearances, more than any of the other 29 teams, winning 16 NBA Titles, just behind Celtics which goes on to show how strong the fan base is. Due to this fan base, the Lakers franchise have the most popular team merchandise among all NBA teams, and Kobe Bryant is the most popular jersey at the NBA Store. These stats show that the Lakers franchise has done an excellent job in terms of the “Product” and “Price” section. The weaker parts of the Marketing mix would be the “Promotion” section due to the fact that for the past 10 years, the home attendance hasn’t changed much. This is because the Lakers franchise average ticket price is $ 113 more than any other team in the NBA causing the ticket sales which affects the NBA Attendance Report landing the Lakers at number 8. The “Place” is also a

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