Loch Ness Monster

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Loch ness monster 1. State the claim Many people believe there is a monster in the Loch ness, Scotland. And this monster is a plesiosaur. Step 2: examine the evidence for the claim. There are many witness records of loch ness monster. I will choose three of them. 1. The earliest record of loch ness monster is at 6th century. An Irish monk called Saint Columba was swimming in loch ness with his friend. Suddenly his friend was attacked by a “water beast”. This is recorded in his book that published in 7th century. This evidence is just a written record, so no one see it but only the writer. So he may cheat. We can also consider if he make mistake. Maybe the so called “monster” is just a animal that is known by human. 2. At 16th, July, 2003. An old man said he found fossil of plesiosaur at loch ness. And then the fossil is proved to be true. That means plesiosaur do occur here in ancient time. So it is more likely that loch ness monster is a plesiosaur. And this is the most important factor that people believe the loch ness monster is a plesiosaur. This evidence is doubted as a cheating. Because some scientists said it is impossible for loch ness to afford a plesiosaur. so the fossil may someone put there but not there originally. 3. In 1968, Professor DG Tucker of university of Birmingham did a sonar test at loch ness. And he found an animal swimming from bottom to midwater. This animal is so big that it doesn’t fit size of any known fish. This evidence is not so clear. Maybe that animal is just a uncommon size known fish. Or maybe the sonar made mistake. Anyway, no one saw it clearly and no one can prove it is really an unknown animal. Step 3: as there are doubts to “loch ness monster is a plesiosaur”, some scientists give another hypothesis: “The

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