Lives of the Saints Shows Discrimination Due to Visibility

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Miss Kreso ENG4U Lai,Ying (Carmen) 2011081008 11/06/2012 Lives of the Saints Shows Discrimination due to Visibility Over the world,discrimination existed in every country. People use unfair treatment on a person or group on the basis of prejudice. In Nino Ricci’s “Live of the Saints”, he uses view a seven-year-old boy whose name is Vittorio to describe the story. This novel shows sexual discrimination and caste discrimination. People get hurt and pained because prejudice. That influences their life and the conception has been rigidified. Sexual discrimination reflected in a society that has double standards between the males and female,and caste discrimination shows people get different treatment because their identity. First of all, this society that has double standards between the males and females at 1960s Italian. Taking this case, males are in the highest positions in Italian Society. The education of men is greater than women’s education. Basically, men speak Italian better than women. For Vittorio’s narrative “ They spoke the most flattened form of the local dialect, because unlike the men-who at the least would have improved their Italian during their army service, and who travelled more often to other districts- they were far from any edifying influence, whatever proper Italian they might have learned in their five years of schooling in Valle Del Sole long-forgotten” (Ricci 45). Females just live in a small community. Women speak a dialect that villagers can understand only. Day after day, women only need to take care of o their kids and husband. They do not go outside to make money. However, the male’s opposite below than female. Men have better education, and they can join the big community such as the military. Actually, men do not need to apologize to women;because they have different treatment. In the novel,the Captain does not
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