Discrimination, The Chrysalids

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Discrimination is a main issue in John Whyndam’s, The Chrysalids. People get hurt for being different and get discriminated against. In this community people get into trouble for being different. They get separated from family members and their family’s get discriminated against too. The people who are different get sent to the fringes. This piece of writing will give you some examples from the novel. Sophie has to hide away from people because she has six toes on one of her feet. Sophie’s problem causes her to hide away from Waknuk, which could either be a good thing or a bad thing. She has to live away from the community and people in the community because she is a deviation. Sophie’s friends that know have to help her if she gets into any kind of trouble. For example when David and Sophie are playing by the river when they are children a boy named Alan sees Sophie’s foot and David has to try and fight Alan so that he won’t go and tell. That is something that Sophie has to be extra cautious about. Sophie’s family also has to make sacrifices for her. When Alan sees Sophie’s foot her mother and father have to run away with her. After they run away they get caught shortly after and Sophie gets sent to the fringes and isn’t in the novel for a while. As you can see people in this small community get discriminated against for very small things. Gordon gets sent to the fringes for having extra long arms and legs. The person that sends him to the fringes is his own brother. As you can see, Gordon does not have a good brother and he takes his religion very seriously. When Gordon is sent to the fringes he ends up being the leader there. You can get sent to the fringes for just having long arms and legs, maybe he was just born like that. The first time that Gordon comes into the novel is when David tells the story when Gordon was

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