Literacy Essay- the Chrysalids

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David the main character in The Chrysalids went through many experiences to bring him through his coming of age journey. His coming of age process came to an end by the end of the book and he gained a lot from it. Everyone`s coming of age journey has lots of ups and downs and David’s is not short of those. The Chrysalid`s by John Wyndham exemplars why the coming of age process is so life changing and important demonstrated by following David`s different experiences. David has grown up because of these three main experiences losing people he loved very dearly, standing up for the people he cares about and going against his parent’s rules and beliefs. David met tons of people while he was coming of age that impacted him greatly but lots of them were taken out of his life too quickly. David lost his first close friend Sophie very suddenly. Sophie was the first person David felt he could be his true self with. When she had to flee because she was a mutant David lost a big part of himself too. A quote from the book that describes David`s feelings are “I lay, there, picturing Sophie and her parents plodding their way southward towards the dubious safety of the Fringes, and and hoping desperately that they would be far enough off now for my betrayal not to hurt them.”(pg.53) This passage clearly shows David`s and Sophie’s great friendship because it uses words like desperately and not to hurt them which show how much David cared for Sophie. The second person David lost was his aunt. Aunt Harriet came one day to ask David`s family to commit a crime. She asked David`s mom if she could use Petra for the mutant inspection. Next Aunt Harriet was dead and no word of any baby. A section of the novel that explains how Aunt Harriet`s death made David`s coming of age significant is “My father include Aunt Harriet’s name in our prayers but after that she was never referred to

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