Abigail Williams Essay

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Motives of Abigail Williams The Crucible is a story about a group of young girls, who begin to accuse the innocent residents of Salem of committing witchcraft. The girls came up with these accusations after being caught dancing in the woods by Abigail’s uncle, Reverend Parris. After several accusations of witchcraft against them, Abigail Williams, the antagonist of The Crucible, began to lead the girls into denying the charges by pretending to be victims of witchcraft. As a result of this deceitfulness, many guiltless people, such as Rebecca Nurse and Martha Corey, were found guilty by the court and sentenced to death by hanging. However, although many people would agree Abigail Williams is a rationalizing miscreant, the hardships she has encountered has made her a victim of her own mischief. Abigail William’s mother and father were killed when she was younger. The Indians smashed her parents’ heads together which caused them to die. When you love your family at such a young age it influences who you become later on, in life. Unfortunately for Abigail she was orphaned and ended up working for John Proctor. She went and lived with her uncle who’s name was Reverend Parris; he had a daughter named Betty Parris who was one of the kids who were "sick." Her uncle always said “Feel the weight of truth” because he knew that she lied occasionally to him. Your parents are the ones who are supposed to teach you the things that are wrong and right and without them you don’t always know what the best decisions are in life. Abigail has made bad choice’s in her life such as when she said “I will come to you in the black of some terrible night and I will bring a pointy reckoning that will shudder you... I can make you wish you never seen the sun go down!” While working with John Proctor she became attracted to him, he was an older man and with her being at such a young age she
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