Homophobia: Ignorance and Fear

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Through the years it would be delightful to believe that society has gotten more and more accepting of minorities. While in many ways this is true, it is also a false statement as well. The United States has gone through leaps and bounds over the last century. Women were the first to win their rights, and after that African-Americans broke through the barriers of oppression. Since both of those movements only took a good hundred years to happen, how long will it be before the United States accepts gays? Gays have rights, and are not faced with the same challenges women and blacks were, but they are not being treated as equals. Homophobia is a widely unrecognized social injustice in today’s society. Homophobia should be considered as one of the if not the greatest social injustice in our society. In many parts of the world, homophobia can lead to several horrific events. These events include anything from being bullied, or emotionally tormented, to some parts of the world like Iran and parts of Africa where they execute individuals for being homosexual. There are thousands more homosexual assaults then any other minority. Gays are treated as outcasts, and all because why? What causes people to fear or loath homosexuals? Do they fear inner feelings that they hide from the rest of the world, or is it simply the case that society has warped their fragile minds into believing that gays are a threat? Michael Kimmel starts off his article “Masculinity as Homophobia” by stating “The great secret of American manhood is: we are afraid of other men.” Men always try to be better then other men, tougher then other men, it gives them a sense of superiority. To me, all this ties into the society version of the “Alpha male”. Even in ancient times, the men that were the strongest got the best of everything. The society put a lot of emphasis on men being strong, emotionally and

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