Boys Of Blood And Bone Analysis

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The novel Boys of Blood and Bone written by David Metzenthen (2003) follows the journey of two teenage boys. The overall message this novel conveys is to connect young people with past history. Metzenthen also covers social, moral and ethical messages such as mateship and respect. Boys of Blood and Bone is valuable to young readers as they are able to connect with messages through the selected colloquial language and gain better understanding of World War 1. Metzenthen has delivered this novel through the use of parallel plot lines, which connects the two stories together. The narrative point of view is written in first person and from the view of two young protagonists. Ultimately, by writing the novel from the main characters point of view, the reader is able to develop a better understanding of the plot and emotions involved. Metzenthen crosses the paths of Henry and Andy, which is only possible through two separate plots. For instance, Miss Hainsworth tries to connect Janine to her past history through buying her an air ticket to France. Janine invites Henry to join her and he is also able to reflect on how harsh WW1 was and the violence involved. Metzenthen has utilized a variety of themes, which have been excellently established and supported by the language structure within Boys of Blood and Bone. A…show more content…
Mateship is expressed within the first chapter of the book for instances, when Henry’s car breaks down Trot pulls over and asks Henry, “Ya want a lift? Getcha to the garage before it shuts?”. Andy’s mates: Bob and Darcy, they share a special mateship as they experience the same journey during war. The three mates can always joke around with others unlike other mates can. Bob, Darcy and Andy have only been close friends since the start of war; they stick together throughout the book, and if one is in need of help, the others will be there-by-there side making sure that there
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