What Is The Relationship In Lyman Lamartine's The Red Convertible

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Sabrina Two Brothers and Their Car Have you and someone bought something together and it ended up being something more than just a thing? In the story “The Red Convertible” by Lyman Lamartine, two brothers, Henry and Lyman, buy a car together that reflects their relationship. When their relationship is really good, so is the condition of the car, but when everything between them starts to go downhill, the car’s condition starts to falter as well. When the brothers first purchase the car, it represents how good their relationship was through all the traveling they did and the good condition it was in. Erdich writes, “We went places in that car, me and Henry.” (394). When they bought the car, the brothers drove all summer, bonding more as brothers and friends. With the car being in good condition it allowed the boys to make all the trips they did and allowed them to make great…show more content…
“After that I thought he’d freeze himself to death working on that car.” (397). By him putting on that effort into fixing up the car symbolizes him making an effort to work on the relationship between him and his brother. He is working hard to fix the car, which shows that he wants to fix things between him and his brother. He wants to make things right, and the best way to show that is through fixing the car. The purchase of the car by the brothers is the symbolism of the brothers’ relationship through all the ups and downs that they go through. As the relationship between them change so does the condition of the car. Through all the good and the bad the brothers have been through, the car was there the whole time, going through it all with them. It withstood all the traveling they did at the beginning, through the destruction of their relationship, and then the mending of what was left. The story shows how much impact war has on the relationships between family and

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