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Picture yourself nodding off to sleep on a long flight when a woman with a soft voice offers you a warm blanket and a soft pillow. Then for a second, you forget you are cruising at an altitude of 30,000 feet and believe that woman to be your mother. At that point, you open your eyes to say “thanks mom”, and the woman you thought to be your mother is in fact a stewardess aboard an American Airlines flight. Many things have changed since the 1960’s, and the term stewardess is now referred to as a flight attendant. In advertising, advertisers try and appeal to consumer’s basic emotional appeals by using pictures, text, and slogans and the effects it has on consumers. I found Jib Fowles’ article on the fifteen innate emotional appeals to be effective atillustrating the subconscious actions taken by advertisers to manipulate the emotional desires of the reader. The American Airlines advertisement has taken on a very simplistic yet effective layout where a good portion of the advertisement is of a confidant woman in what seems to be some sort of uniform giving her a professional appearance. She has a warm, inviting glow on her face and is perched upon a chair. Above her left shoulder there is a text explaining the type of service that passengers will receive while flying with American Airlines, and above that in bold letters readers will find the slogan, giving the basis for this advertisement, which reads, “Think of her as Your Mother” (“A Portfolio” 488). Jib Fowles wrote an essay entitled “Advertising's Fifteen Basic Appeals”. In every advertisement, there are certain aspects consumers may not notice appealing to one or more emotional requirements, and in Fowles’ essay he explains what “he believes to be at the heart of American advertising” (Behrens, and Rosen 412). Those beliefs are the underlying strategies advertisers use to appeal to one or more of consumer’s

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