Red Means Blood Louise Erdrich Analysis

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Brian Cedeno Red Means Blood Louise Erdrich exposes us to a heartfelt story about two Native American brothers whose relationship changes as time passes by. An internal and external factor push the brothers far apart, but at the same time creates a bond that is thicker than blood, Erdrich uses symbolism through native American Chippewa’s and the connection to American modernism to paint a picture for the reader. The story is narrated by the younger of the two brothers Lyman Lamartine, a young boy who is a Chippewa Indian that lives on a reservation in Northern Dakota. Lyman is a young boy who carries the responsibility of an adult In fact; Lyman points out that his “ One talent was I could always make money. I had a touch for it, unusual…show more content…
It’s unclear where Henry is stationed but Lyman thinks he is stationed somewhere in Vietnam. Lyman never gets drafted so he stays home and works on the car while Henry is gone. Lyman works hard and still embracing his bond with his brother whips the red convertible into perfect condition. Three years pass on by before Henry makes his permanent return home. Erdrich shows symbolism through the convertible and relationship Lyman and Henry have. The red convertible is a priceless American literature car. Lyman is beside himself when seeing his brothers condition. Lyman reminisces over times when they use to hang out and laugh and talk with anyone. “ I thought back to times we’d sat still for afternoons , never moving a muscle, just shifting our weight along the ground, talking to whoever sat with us, watching things. He’d always had a joke, then, too, and now you couldn’t get him to laugh, or when he did it was more the sound of a man choking , a sound that stopped up the throats of other people around him” (Erdrich 112-113.) Lyman and Henry’s brotherly relationship had taken a turn for the worse. While Henry was gone Lyman purchased a television set for the family, which he he regretted not having when Henry started to watch it. “ He sat in front of it, watching it, and that was the only time he was completely still. But it was the kind of
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