Literacy Autobiography: Different Types Of Disabilities

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Literacy Autobiography Lauren Sachs English 101 Mr. Bell September 6, 2012 Ever since I was a little girl, I had always stared at people with special needs. It was something about their facial features, the way they walked and just overall how different they were. I would comment on their behavior as well as the way they talked. It wasn’t until my senior year in High School that I enrolled in a class called Peer Mentoring. I wasn’t exactly sure what it was but I had heard great things about it. I knew that I would be learning about people with special needs and the different types of disabilities, but what I didn’t know was that I was going to be working with them. I thought about it for a while and was going back and forth wondering…show more content…
My classmates and I were interested in learning more about it and making it into a day at our school. We began to search and find out more information about the organization and how to go about bringing it to our high school for the day. We knew that there needed to be a committee and officers in order to help this day succeed. After talking about it for days and figuring out how we would go about this process, two other girls and I decided to take it upon ourselves and make this day happen. We set up phone calls with the organization as well as other organizations such as Special Olympics and Keshet. Special Olympics is the world’s largest sports organization for children and adults with disabilities. Keshet is a nonprofit organization that serves individuals with special needs. We would have these organizations come to our school on the day of the event to help provide further knowledge to the students who weren’t involved with Special Education program at our high school. We contacted an interviewer who we had spoke to over the phone. She had asked us many questions about what the day was supposed to look like and what the overall message of the day was. We told her that the organization was trying to end the use of the R-Word. It’s offensive and disrespectful to people with special needs. The R-word ignores individuality and is derogatory. As we…show more content…
The day had come to an end and tears filled my eyes. I couldn’t believe that weeks of work have finally come to an end. But an end that I will remember forever and a day that will be a memory for everyone. The pioneer press had come out the following Monday and myself as one of the other committee heads was on the front cover. Once again tears had filled my eyes knowing that this rally had truly made a difference in the community. Just like my teacher has inspired me to become a Special Education teacher, I want to inspire the rest of the community to do what you believe in. If you put your mind to it, you can accomplish it just like I did. And I promise, you will never forget the feeling. It’s the best feeling I have ever

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