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Gabriela Gonzalez Personal Statement Since I was little I demonstrate a very strong interest on study area. I accomplished my middle school at Ecuador, in a very small city called “Loja”. There I developed my studying skills. I always did my assignment and a very respectful with my teacher and others adults. In Middle School I had many opportunities that made me a better person. I am very glad because I always had an important person on my life that motivates me and this is my sister Ana, I love her so much. In middle School I was able to participate in various activities such as Poetry, Math and Dance Contests, from which I did the best I could and these activities gave me awesome experiences. At the end of middle school I received the honor of been the number one student of my class. Having the privilege of being the number one in middle school gave me the opportunity to go to a very good High School. In this institution I did my freshman year. During this year I took the advantages of my hard work and of my skills. I was the president of my class. I had to organize all the events of my class and it includes a lot of responsibility. I also developed my sport skills; I was part of the basketball team of my high school. We did a great job. We won the third place of the competition. The when I was 14 years old I had the opportunity to came here, to the United States to meet with my mother and other relatives. I came in the summer 05. When I came here my first obstacle was the language. In my country I just learned the basic stuff like colors, the personal pronoun, etc, if helped me at little bit but I knew that if I wanted to have success here I had to learn the English language. I took some courses in the summer and I also practiced with my little sister, she was born here so she helped me in the pronunciation part at home. Then I went to high school as a 10th

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