Lil Wayne: The Stereotypes Of African Americans

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Rapping came from a long list of artists starting from Afrika Bambaataa “the Godfather” and Clive Campbell “DJ Kool Herc” to Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. “Lil Wayne.” Yet these hip hop artists are affecting the way people perceive African Americans as a “lower class group of people” in many ways. From the music they sing to the way that they dress and political influence, more people are looking over African Americans and finding another missing link to success. More African Americans are missing opportunities to succeed in life, because of what rappers sing, and majority of it is degrading to African Americans by heavily focusing on sex and abusive behaviors. These kind of stereotypes the African American group as being a lower than Caucasians. Lil Wayne is the best musician in our era, but his music shows no respect and consistency for young girls, including other rappers as well. In…show more content…
When President Barak Obama was running for president, Americans were attacking him with all of his legal paper works saying he is not from America and that because he is an “African,” that is the only reason he would be president. Not only he had proof that he was born in the United States, he lived with his grandparents in America and graduated from Harvard Law. Yet even after he won the presidency, the politicians still are attacking him. Success is a difficult reach for African Americans, because they are thought to believe they are no more than what rappers picture them to be. This ideology makes it difficult for young African American to push away from rappers influences and compete in their beyond their identification. Above all rapping creates a retro division among us. Based on the rapper certain groups of people would not listen to his or her music. Hip hop is a roadblock to success, but it is a cry for black
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