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Crabs in a Bucket Anthony M. Massey BCOM/275 Business Communications and Critical thinking Everett Hayes Recently, Don Lemon, an anchor for CNN news did a commentary piece on his show called “No Talking Points.” In his commentary, Don lays out a five point plan to deal with issues in the black community. In his Internet video, Lemon (2013) states that young black kids “pull their pants up, respect their communities, get an education, use appropriate language and avoid having children out of wedlock.” These talking points set off a flurry of responses from social networking and media outlets. Many people agree with his assessments and many more completely disagree with both…show more content…
If you watch a bunch of crabs that have been pulled from the sea and tossed in a bucket they behave in a very peculiar way. Their desire to get out of the bucket is so strong that they literally climb over each other to free themselves from their cylindrical tomb. The irony is that as they climb on one another’s backs, they can only go so far before the tumble back down to the bottom of the bucket. If they were to work together and assist one crab out of the bucket then that crab could reach back and free the rest. Boykin has watched as Don Lemon ascended to the top of his field and rather than assisting him, he has decided to publicly admonish…show more content…
What purpose does it serve Keith Boykin to use his platform on the BET website to criticize Don Lemon’s use of his much larger platform on CNN to speak to the black community? Boykin actually sounds as if he believes that he and Don Lemon have reached a point in their careers that limit their voices in the black community because of the success they enjoy. This is a ridiculous notion and a dangerous one. Hip Hop artist use their global reaching microphones to spread the misogyny and ignorance that plagues the black community without any thought to the damage they cause. It is not only appropriate for Don Lemon to correct behavior from his national stage – it is his obligation to do so. As a community we must embrace those who have climbed the ladder of success and have the courage to reach back and make the ascension easier for the rest of us by informing us of the hardships and pitfalls that were encountered on the way up. Boykin hints at the fact that he agrees with Don Lemon but chose to use negativity as a springboard for his own success and notoriety. The black community is plagued with the remnants of years of oppression, slavery, and racism. Many of this is hard to overcome because it is beyond our control. However, I applaud the courage of anyone who decides to turn a mirror on oppression. Don Lemon wanted to ensure that we, as a community are not suffering from a form of Stockholm syndrome by perpetuating the stereotypes forced

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