The Sea Devil

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In the story “The Sea Devil” the theme is that humans should respect nature and not underestimate it as one day nature could save you or force you to be at the mercy of it. For example in the story the man is saved by the porpoise because the man had saved it once. If the man did not save the porpoise, he could have died because the porpoise attacked the manta ray and caused the manta ray to swim back to shallow water. If the man did not save the porpoise, the man would have died an excruciating death. The next example in the story occurs when the man releases the mullet he caught. The reason the man released the mullet was because he gained the perspective of the fish he caught when he became the prey of the manta ray, even though he was not being harmed by it directly. He had realized how the fish felt when it was held captive and he decided to release it. Another example is when the man thinks he sees two groups of fish but catches the manta ray instead. The man thought that he could catch and abundant amount of fish but instead he caught the manta ray, and for the first time the man had felt like the prey. The man underestimated nature and believed that the fish were weak and helpless, but in the end, he became the prey instead. Based on the evidence shown, humans should work to respect nature and not belittle it as it could be more devastating than anyone could think

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