Light Romanticism vs. Dark Romanticism

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Has anything ever happened to you that you could not explain but you knew that it was either right or wrong? It is that feeling deep down inside you that is telling you how things should be. A certain something that you just cannot seem to be able to put into words but for reasons that are also unexplainable, you have to follow those feelings. You let your conscience your actions. That intuitive feeling that people get was the main reason why we have romantic literature today. The great romantic period originated from the Industrial Revolution. It was divided into two other subcategories, commonly known as light and dark romanticism and had a great impact on American literature. The Industrial Revolution was a time where new factories were being built and more convenient inventions and useful machinery were becoming involved with society. Mass production was taking place allowing to make more profit off of the merchandise. More profit means more pay for the workers. Cities had been starting to get bigger and bigger having more and more people coming to live in America. These newcomers were ecstatic to have new freedoms and opportunities. It was cheap labor, but it was still work. They expressed their emotions through a new form of literature involving emotions and beliefs of individualism, and called it romantics. This new expressed feeling was shared by all the people involved with the changes brought in America. Their new lives in America were miracles and things just felt right, it was intuition. The new Romantic movement had begun, and inspired many people to write about their outlook on life. It was not always a good outlook, which brought us an occasional dreadful person. This split romanticism into two categories which we call light romanticism and dark romanticism. Light romanticism might have also been known as
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