Alcoholism, Dysfunction, and Mental Illness in Modernistic Writers

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Alcoholism, Dysfunction, and Mental Illness in Modernistic Writers The Era of modernist literature would seem to be a part or a side of life that most everyone has or will experience. While we may not fully understand what is happening or why we are experiencing these things I personally believe these experiences are what lead to being a talented and appreciated writer. One of the more prominent themes we see in modernism is alienation or estrangement. This can often lead to the feeling of being extremely alone, which can lead to an individual acting out, which in turn leads to being misunderstood and wrongfully judged. The feeling of being alone is a desperate loneliness, you feel lost and at times it can feel as if you are drowning in a sea of nothingness. This type of unwanted emotions tends to lead to anger and depression. Another common theme is doubt and the undeniable search for truth. The later of these themes is one I admire greatly; I connect with this since it would seem I’ve spent most of my life trying to find my own truths. Doubt in something leads you to question everything. Disbelief in religion, in your family, in happiness, in love but most importantly, in yourself and in the value or point of human life all together. When these things happen it can cause an individual to feel as if they have no sense of belonging, which often causes us to find other methods of fulfillment. Alienation is not that odd or uncommon if you really analyze it, it’s more of an evil necessity in order for an individual to find what truth is for themselves. I believe that majority of the modernist writers were struggling to find their own identity and in order to do this some took an extreme route. We judge people who find themselves, if I may put it this way, at the bottom of a bottle, in a dysfunctional relationship or even in a needle. Some of the best

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