Joe Turner Come And Gone Analysis

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Analysis of Joe Turner’s Come and Gone I. Play Information A. Play Name • Joe Turner’s Come and Gone B. Playwright • August Wilson C. Date of Original Publishing • 1986 D. Genre/Play Style • Drama, African American drama E. List of Characters • Seth Holly, Bertha Holly, Bynum Walker, Rutherford Selig, Jeremy Furlow, 2 • Herald Loomis, Zonia Loomis, Mattie Campbell, Reuben Scott, • Molly Cunningham, Martha Loomis F. Protagonist/Antagonist (Why) • Protagonist- Herald Loomis, because the entirety of the story is base on what this character pursuit for his wife. • Antagonist- Seth Holly, because he believes that Herald is a bad person; and he know where his wife was at, and would not tell him. G. Time Period • August 1911 Analysis…show more content…
The reason being, because so often in the play, the characters sought for help from mostly the wrong people. Considering, we as readers of this play, see the motive or the lack of, behind the one’s whom are believed to be helping. It’s so heart-rending to see that in your disheartenment, someones always seeking to benefit rather than impart. I personally, cannot apprehend, the fact, if it was something that is known, and could dispel someones emotionally and psychological pains, why not relinquish it to them ungrudgingly. The correlation with this play to today’s society, it very much lies on the same foundation. It seems, like very few people in this world, are willing to help anyone without a price or something in return. Psychics, Psychologist and some Preachers, all within their own ways, has a bill for giving emotional help. We all at some point in this life, struggle within our identity; and not being able to identify with our purpose here on earth, it can do inverse damage to us psychologically: “ You got to be something, Herald. You just can’t be alive. Life don’t mean nothing unless it got a meaning”(Wilson,SceneV). How that statement is so realistic. I theorize, when we know our purpose and who we are, we then can leave a
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