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Running head: MEMOIRS 1 Memoirs of Me Tameka James PSY202 Yelena Gidenko Memoirs 2 A. Who is Tameka James a. Born in Chicago Heights b. Raised in Maywood and Elgin Illinois c. Mother B. Family History a. Big family. b. Family of healthcare workers. c. Middle child in my adopted and birth family. C. Childhood memories a. Family vacations b. Holidays c. High school d. Church D. Future a. Buy a house b. Be successful c. Start a family business d. Financial stability e. Health Memoirs 3 Memoirs of Me The past three years have been tough as I struggled to get my health on the right track. I have seen the face of sarcoidosis, hypertension,…show more content…
My self esteem was in the dirt and everyone in my presence experienced the new bad me because of my displaced anger and hatred for my ex and me. Freud believed that the mind tries to protect itself from frustration and severe distress such as war, rape, death, and so on. He believed that we have several techniques for this, which he called defense mechanisms (Corsini, 1994, p. 390). I was no longer the outgoing, free spirited, kind hearted, and trusting person; I was the total opposite and at times I didn’t even like myself. With the help of God, my family, and my fiancé I was able to pull through and treat it as the life lesson it was. Without those experiences of my life I would not be as determined and driven as I am

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