Lifespan of Human Development

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Coun 829 Lifespan of Human Development COURSE SYLLABUS Fort Hays State University Spring 2013 Course Description A study of human development through the life span including physiological, social, emotional, cognitive, language, and cultural influences. Course Goals To synthesize knowledge of theories of human development, arriving at a holistic understanding of human development. To examine developmental manifestations (age/stage) throughout the lifecycle. To identify, describe, explain, predict influences on developmental success from hereditary, environmental, familial, cultural, educational, and societal perspectives. To read, study, and evaluate selected developmental research studies, professional writings, and professional practice. To prepare for competency testing in educator preparation programs. Graduate Student Learning Goals Graduate institutional learning goals reflect the mission of the university through a focus on specific areas of student learning. Individual departments, programs and services will provide opportunities and support, where appropriate, for students to attain the skills and dispositions identified by the university as essential to education. Master Knowledge and Skills Students will: Demonstrate advanced knowledge, skills and values appropriate to their chosen discipline.Demonstrate the ability to work as individual researchers/scholars and in collaboration with others. Demonstrate the ability to be creative critical thinkers and to apply new technologies appropriate to their chosen discipline. Master Communication and Dissemination Students will: Be required to demonstrate advanced oral and written communication skills appropriate to their chosen discipline. Demonstrate global perspectives appropriate to their chosen discipline. Master Leadership and Social Responsibility Students will: Comprehend and practice

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