Life In Vietnam

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The significance of this paper is a discussion between my Father and I, and how his life at the age of eighteen differs from my life now. The discussion is going to describe how harsh my dad’s life was at my age, and how I should learn to appreciate how much I have, and how fortunate I am to have caring parents who can afford to support me through college. The discussion is going to continue on in further details to discuss how my Father’s life influenced him to join the Military and his experiences through the Viet-Nam War. This paper carries on an emotional discussion between the both of us and how the Military changed my Father’s life, and his thoughts on his military services. Question: What was your reasoning for joining the Military upon graduating high school? Answer: My parent’s could not afford to send me to college, and I believed that this decision was a patriotic action for me to take to support my country. A lot of my friends from school were joining the Military at this time as well, which influenced my decision to join as well. I did not support the “hippy movement” that was going on at this point in time; and I was not a “flower child”. Being young and naive, and not being well versed in politics of the time, is what influenced my decision the Service. Question: How did your life change after joining the Service? Answer: I had to grow up very fast, and become a man at a very young age. Given these responsibilities as a young man, enabled me to mature at a fast rate. Question: What was your first Military service? Answer: My first military service was a tour of duty in Viet-Nam, which was an active combat zone. Question: What was your first impression upon entering Vietnam? Answer: At the age of eighteen, we flew into the airport in Danang under heavy enemy fire. I was young and scared, but I was with other seasoned Veterans which put me
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