Personal Narrative: I Served In The Vietnam War

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My served in the Vietnam War for two years, 1969-1970; when he was eighteen years old. The Vietnam War convinced the French that they could no longer maintain their Indochinese colonies and Paris quickly sued for peace. As the two sides came together in Geneva, Switzerland, international events were already shaping the future of Vietnam's modern revolution. There were many lives lost in the war. Three thousand French troops were killed, and eight thousand wounded. Vietnamese suffered much more with eight thousand dead and twelve thousand wounded. In 1961, John F. Kennedy ordered more help for the South Vietnamese government in its war, On July 30, 1964 the war moved to two small North Vietnamese islands in the Gulf of Ton kin. During This twenty-five year period the ensuing war would create some of the strongest tensions in US history. Much of Vietnam's history has been under foreign rule by the Chinese. In 1860 France began its domination and had to regain the former territories in the region. Between 1955 and 1960, the North Vietnamese tried to take over the government in South Vietnam. In 1963 President Diem was overthrown and executed. After this incident they had the drive to take over the whole country. It was difficult for the US to portray south…show more content…
My father went out and served his duty in the war and fought the best war he could in the time he had. There was no clear front to the conflict and basically the enemy could be hiding anywhere and everywhere. The soldiers lived in the jungle throughout the war. My father said," Life in the jungle was tortuous and there were no home comforts". In 1966 US crusader pilots boarded U.S.S Constellation. This is America's longest was and the most unpopular was in which Americans ever fought. Financial cost to the United States come to something over $150 billion dollars. The first combat troops arrived in

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