Life Today Is Easier and More Comfortable Than It Was When Your Grandparents Were Children.

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Life today is easier and more comfortable than it was when your grandparents were children. In my opinion, I think the life today isn’t easier and more comfortable than it was when your grandparents were children. Because of advances in technology do help humans to solve abundant of problems, so that people can’t communicate with each other, and we need to face a lot of stress now. The first reason is technology has been research and development, and more progress now, so people are more dependent on such as smart phones, iPad, and computers. But the life in your grandparents, when there the technology wasn’t that convenient, people often communicate and help with each other. Second, the environment today is serious damaged. Looking out the windows, what I see isn't sky, trees or mountains, but is coldly high buildings. Everyday, I walk on hard roads, breath in polluted air, and live in a limited space. What's worse, it has been proved that living in this kind of condition will result in some mental diseases. Thus, the environment our grandparents live is more comfortable and cleaner than our life is today. The third reason is that the pace of today’s life is so fast that we can’t even take a short break. Today, we are able to read the news all over the world, and to chat with people through the Internet, or to travel around the world by planes; however, it also means that any thing happens in the world will affect our life. If we cannot react properly and immediately, then we will be in a full of stressful situation. We have no choice but have to live in a fast pace. In conclusion, people should try not to dependent on the technology so much, and try to communicate more with people, and also try to the nature to enjoy the fresh air and the view without tall
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