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Cochlear implants I believe should be a choice made by the person who is deaf or if they’re too young by their parents. There should be no hard feelings if some people decide to advance their own hearing by getting this “high-tech” device. The deaf culture is very important to most of the deaf people. I believe even if the deaf people get the cochlear implant the deaf culture shouldn’t push them away for making their life changing decision. In Kathryn Woodcocks article she says, to be accepted in deaf culture you must accept your deafness plus sign language and if you try to hear using any devices its not accepted into the deaf community. Kathryn also says that having young kids get the cochlear implant is such an advantage, which I completely…show more content…
They will have it easier in learning the new combinations of sounds at a young age that will make their speech skills come easier throughout therapy. I don’t agree with Harlan Lane’s article. The way he tells people they are wrong for getting a cochlear implant isn’t his place to say anything. I believe its freedom of choice to have this done or to have your children get this done. I also don’t agree with him saying cochlear implants wont work well for young children and there better off for “healthy adults.” I believe that is would probably be easier for children to learn how to use this cochlear implant as a tool because at those young ages they soak up all information they can receive, rather then adults who are sometimes stuck in their ways. I don’t know this for a fact but this is what I believe can also be a circumstance. I do agree with him saying there are a lot of risks for children but those risks can also be just as big as a risk for adults. Like in Kathryn’s article she says you need to look at the big picture and what great potential the cochlear implant can have for children or adults. I also don’t agree with what they both say about the deaf

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