Life On a Desert Island - Heaven Or Hell? Essay

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Have a little read: ... Life on a Desert Island - Heaven or Hell? If I was faced with the prospect of living on a desert island, I would be really excited and up for it. Living on a desert island would be defiantly be heaven for me, I would relish at this chance for several reasons: Since a little boy I have dreamed of having an island all to my self, and I am not alone there is a great human curiosity with a desert island, this idea has inspired great literary works such as Treasure Island and Lord of the Flies. To my Island I would take with me lots of my favourite foods such as crisps and chocolate to indulge in while I watched the fantastic sunsets over crystal clear blue water. I would also take my large collection of music with me to while away those hot and sunny afternoons on the golden beach with no one to tell you to turn it down. Which brings be onto another great plus with living on a desert island is the weather would be great endless days of hot sunny weather unlike the 'great' British summers which we all know so well. Another thing I'd really like about living on a desert island is having to fend for myself, such as building a shelter finding food and water, hunting. I lived in the countryside for along time and I used to spend all my summer holidays (when it was not raining that is) tackling tasks like this. Like Building shelters in my garden and camping out there. There was nothing I like better, so I feel I would be well prepared for such an adventure. It would be incredibly self-satisfying knowing that you had looked after yourself in such a remote area without anyone else's help. I would be really proud of my self. Along with that I would be able to do what I want when I want, I wouldn't have my Mum screeching at me 'Go to Bed Know!' or 'Why haven't you finished your Coursework!' I would be able to choose when I go to bed, or if I wanted to go

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