Personal Narrative: Prince Edward Island

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“Why can’t I go to soccer camp?!” I yelled from the back seat time after time. “Because we are having a family vacation to the island. Think of how lucky you are to be able to go to places like this.” My patiently replied, trying to placate my growing frustration by attempting to persuade me that this vacation would be more fun and interesting than ordinary soccer camp. “I’d be luckier if I didn’t have to sit through this car ride” I retorted before turning up my Walkman and slumping down in my seat to enjoy the “beautiful scenery”. I hated thinking about Prince Edward Island, I hated packing for the Island, and I especially hated driving to the Island. However, I completely despised everything about the Island, everything until I was there. Sun-kissed faces, glass pop bottles, my own room, and an ocean extending further than my ten-year-old eyes could see were all exciting features of this distant place. However, my favorite was the deep red sand that stretched for miles, serving as a barrier between the rumbling seas and dangerous cliffs. It was such a mystery to me how the sands from Florida could be a pristine white,…show more content…
Safe from the precarious undercurrent that hid slyly beneath the surface of the water and in protection from the perilous sea cliffs that loomed around us, my younger brother and I would spend hours playing the in sand. Even upon leaving the Island, we would bottle it up in various pop bottles that had accumulated over the trip in order to take home a piece of the mystery. The sands of Prince Edward Island ignited a curiosity that was fueled by aspects of nature that I have never acknowledged before and is the same curiosity that propels me forwards in all facets of my life. After spending summers at the Island, I no longer simply accept the answer or a story, now it’s much more about learning the reasons and twisting the

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