Life in the 1950

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Running head: LIFE IN THE 1950 1 Life In The 1950 Justin Allen Carrasco Oklahoma Wesleyan University LIFE IN THE 1950 2 Life In The 1950 The decade from 1950 to 1959 witnessed major social, political and economic changes, which took place all over the world. These changes were happening at two different levels. On one level were the changes which took place in different parts of the globe, though independently of each other, but having a simultaneous occurrence. On the other level were those changes which occurred as the consequence of the social/political/economic interdependence between different countries. This phenomenon could be seen everywhere, and America was not an exception. In context of the United States, the year 1950 was a revolutionary period. It was marked by major events such as the Cold War, rise of capitalism and consumerism, the civil rights movement, and anti-communism, which changed the fate of the country. This was a period of economic boom that followed World War II. Therefore, it was marked by tremendous economic growth, with the manufacturing and consumer goods industry gaining enormous impetus, which had already grown to a considerable extent during the industrial revolution - the period immediately preceding the one in question. While every decade of American life seems to provide a defined and unique expression of the state of the nation, the 1950s remains a more removed – and certainly less likely to be repeated – period. What made the 1950s unique in cultural, economic, and political terms was a set of

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