1920's Economic Effects

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Thematic Essay \ Many things happened in the 1920’s.Some were political, some were social and some were economical. They all had major effects in American life, as we know it. Some changes are mass production, installment buying and new inventions such as TV’s refrigerators and radios. The 1920 twenties had many economical changes. One of them was installment buying. Installment buying is the action of buying products by promising to pay small regular amounts over a period of time. It made it possible for people to buy more products such as radios and television, even if they weren’t rich. This didn’t only benefit the people it also benefitted the companies. People were buying more goods they were earning more money. This also benefitted the whole country. The U.S.…show more content…
One of them was new inventions such as radios TV’s and refrigerators. Many people bought these inventions because they thought it would benefit and make heir lives easier. The effects of these inventions are that it made it possible to keep food for a long time, enjoy shows without having to go to the theatre and listening to the news on the go. These inventions are still in use to this day, which shows how much of an impact it had on American life. A political change in the 1920 was the election of Calvin Coolidge. He supported the expansion of businesses in the U.S. He also followed the economical policies, which lowered taxes on businesses and reduce regulation on business. He also allowed the stock market to be created. The stock market was a place where you could invest in stocks basically buying a share in a certain business. The stock market put America in the golden age and virtually abolished poverty in the 1920’s. The many changes in the economic, social and political changes in the twenties had a huge impact on American life. We had a very successful era and it show that we can rebuild America, as we know
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