Society and Culture of the 1950's

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The baby boom, the television boom, and the boom of America all began in the 1950’s. The 1950’s was a year of advancement. Coming out of WW2 and the depression, it was time to make a change and the 1950’s was that change. The 1950’s was quite a radical time period; this is the decade that birthed rock n' roll, suburban living, the television set, and other wonderful things this country brought to life including new technologies with science and a Civil Rights movement that would change the world forever. This era was looked at more as a lifestyle rather than just another decade or time period in American history. This was the point that America finally had some peace and was ready to start enjoying it. With America at a better financial standpoint and the war veterans back at home, it was time to make families, enjoy them, and start to build a better society with a whole new culture to introduce where people didn’t need to worry so much about money and could enjoy their lives. With the return of the veterans love was in the air which gave way to the beginning of a new era: the baby boomers. This gave birth to new consumers, new demands and a segue into a different change of pace for families all around. According to Andrew J. Dunar, chair of the Department of History at the University of Alabama at Huntsville, in 1946, 3.4 million babies were born only to increase to 4 million by 1952 (Dunar 174). This wasn’t a shock to America either, with the veterans coming home and a new outlook on life coming out of the depression, it wasn’t farfetched that people were ready to settle down and start creating families. This boosted and stabilized the economy immensely by the demand and purchasing of child necessities like cribs, bigger vehicles, clothes and toys (Dunar 175). It didn’t stop there though because as those children grew they were still marketable consumers which
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