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Lessons Learned In his article “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” by Robert Fulghum, he writes about his rules of life that everyone should follow. First, he decides to write about his set of rules for life (credo) and how making life decisions shouldn’t be as hard as they seem. Next, he writes about what he realized are easy rules and how he learned them in kindergarten. After that, he gives some examples of what he has learned, such as “Play fair,” “Don’t hit people,” and “Clean up your own mess.” Most important, he states that for all adult situations we should apply these simple rules to better the outcome. These simple rules that Robert Fulghum wrote about in his article helped me come up with my own credo of life lessons. The three most important lessons I have learned are to be responsible for yourself, never give up, and stand up for what you believe in. One life lesson I have learned is to be responsible for yourself. About five months ago I graduated from high school and was in dire need of a job. I couldn’t depend on my parents anymore because I was now an adult. So I took circumstances into my own hands and started applying at every store that was hiring. A few months passed and I started worrying, and then just about gave up. Out of nowhere Wal-Mart in Fruitland called and asked for an interview. I went to the interview, got the job, and was now employed. I finally didn’t have to depend on my parents for money to pay for college or car insurance. I had showed them that I could be an adult and for that they were proud of me. Another life lesson I learned is to never give up. I believe that for everybody never giving up takes a lot of will power and self-determination. Unfortunately, for me I always give up when I shouldn’t. A recent encounter I had made was giving up on me losing weight. I have been back and forth trying to lose
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