Waste By Mayra Hornbacher Analysis

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Why would a girl starve herself to 75lbs? Why would she hide in the bathroom and vomit up a meal? Wasted by Mayra Hornbacher tells a story of a young girl trapped by the addiction of anorexia. The author makes a convincing argument that anorexia is a physical and mental illness. The author always wanted to be thinner; she had no patience for her body. She began to hate her body and wanted to be seen as an anorectic not a bulimic. She wanted her body to go away and wanted to be admired for her incredible self-control. She was bulimic for seven long years and somewhere in this illness she made the decision to be strictly anorectic. Hornbacher unhealthy weight loss lead into physical symptoms such as starving herself and malnutrition. By the winter her…show more content…
She secluded herself from others. She viewed herself as something that needed to be removed. She believed her life wasn’t worthwhile in and of itself. Her only concern was to purge herself; “thinness” was the only thing that could appease her. Also mentally she found herself doing things she didn’t normal do, such as vigorous exercises. She began viewing herself as superhuman, after all this time without eating the author believed that she could go on without eating forever. Even though the author is battle this disease and is now healthy, the feeling of being healthy is foreign to her and is feels wrong because she has gone on so long with the feeling of being unhealthy. Hornbacher’s personal relationship can and definitely was affected by her illness and eating disorder. She let this obsession to be thin consumed her life. It was so much she didn’t have time to form any personal relationship with anyone. The only time she left available for herself was dedicated to exercise. Through the passage not once did the author mention friends or family trying to help her disorder, it was very clear that she solely battled this eating disorder on her
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