Personal Response To Harley Griener's 'Fear'

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Fear By: Harley Griener I get this feeling, that someone or something is watching me. The feeling is horrible I don't know what makes me feel that way. Its in my dreams its in my thoughts. Sometimes it grabs at my throat and I become speechless. Its like something is in the back of my head. Voices telling me to do things I have only seen in movies. I hate it. I want it out. I cant live like this. But, every time I try to make it stop. This feeling comes back. I guess it can be used for good. So many times I have tried to leave this world. The same feeling comes back, it makes me realize that I don't want this. This dreadful feeling is hard to fathom. Day by day it gets worse. I am trying to understand it. I now live inside an insane asylum in my own mind. I don't know what is real. This feeling is making me think things, see things, feel things, and hear things. I…show more content…
I still cant place this feeling or how it came to me. I have talked to my friends, and family, but they dont understand what I am feeling. Nobody does, nobody understands me. I cant do anything to control this. I just want to live my life without this feeling. It makes me feel frozen like I cant do anything. Im afraid that when the time comes when I need to act, I cant because this feeling is always in the back of my head. Its like a devil trying to make me fail at what I need to do, I feel like it ants me to screw up. I am always waiting for it to try and drag me down. I cant function normally during the day because I know its always waiting for me to have a moment where I need the strength to go on, but its there just waiting. Its like a starving beast whenever it can find food it will take it. I need this feeling to go away. It is effecting everything I do now. I feel like submitting to its hunger for my failure, but I know that this will make me stronger if I can over come

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