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Leadership Self-Assessment Quiz 1-1 Readiness for the Leadership Role Number of Statements: 20 Scoring Grid: 1= Disagree Strongly, 2= Disagree, 3= Neutral, 4= Agree, 5= Agree Strongly Possible Score: 100 Scoring Ranges: 90-100: High readiness for leadership role 60-89: Moderate readiness for leadership role 40-59: Some uneasiness with the leadership role 39-Less: Low readiness for the leadership role My Score: 66 My Range: Moderate readiness for the leadership role My two strongest statements: 1. What my team accomplishes is more important than my personal glory. 2. Team members listen to me when I speak. My two weakest statements: 1. I am an idea generator on the job. 2. I would…show more content…
I will step back from the angering event and calm myself. Too often I want to go after the person or situation that is angering me. While I may feel that that is a useful outlet at the moment, it in fact only reinforces the negative feelings. 4. I will develop a plan about how I can regain control. I get angry when I feel powerless. The moment I feel I have regained control I will find my anger fading away. Action Plan # 2 Emotionality In the past it has been difficult for me to appropriately admit thanks for favors. I need to learn how to accept assistance from others and appropriately acknowledge their help. Improvement in this area will probably enhance my charisma and in turn making it easier for others to work with me. 1. I will say thank you directly to the person who has helped me and make eye contact when I do so. 2. I will write a personal thank you message to the person who has helped me and deliver it myself. This will show them I took the time to sit down and recognize their support. 3. I will make myself available to help those who have helped me, showing I am appreciative of their favor and would like to return it if possible. 4. I will give the person who has helped me a gift as a token of my appreciation in the situation…show more content…
There always comes a point where my system has decayed to the point of chaos and it becomes impossible for me to get things done. I must develop a strategy for organizing myself in a lasting way. This will make staying on track and up to date in my personal life and at work much easier. 1. I will start by making a list of all the things that need to be reorganized in my life whenever I feel structure is beginning to come undone. This will allow me to go through and acknowledge exactly what it is in my life that's slowing me down. 2. I will stick to the use of a day planner and continually use it to keep my assignments and important dates at the forefront of my schedule. This will prevent late work and give me a more punctual agenda. 3. I will eliminate the unnecessary by de-cluttering my work area and home. I will fell less trapped and have more space to maintain organization. 4. I will set myself reminders in the future so that I will stay on track with maintain my system of organization. If I consistently leave reminders I won’t overlook my structure. Anderson 18 Action Plan # 4 Flexibility/ Group

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