Learning How To Read And Write An Essay About A Person

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Jeannie Neal-Ward Ms. Kearney Kok English 91 July 7, 2013 To be or not to be is the question Born February 13, 1977 and the oldest of 3; I have 2 younger brothers; I was able to experience some of the best ways of learning how to read and write while attending Arlington Elementary. I remember one teacher as she still stands out to me but I just can not recall her name. I was in the first grade and she would pull me out of class to show me how to read. It was 1st grade that I also learned how to begin writing. I remember reading books such as the Cat and the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham that were just a few that I remember learning how to read from. I remember she had long black hair and was kinda slender but I longed…show more content…
Edwards for teaching me how to write, Ms.Gross and Ms. Owens my 3rd grade teachers for teaching me how to cursive write and to my 7th grade teacher Ms. Finn for pushing me to continue to write my thoughts on paper. As I seen my daughter struggle with reading and writing because the teachers did not take the time to help them and she had to begin learning how to read not only by me and my mom helping her but she had to begin going to the Carnegie Center. It brought great memories back when I began to see the books that I loved so much as the Sweet Valley High and the Babysitters Club at the Carnegie Center for free to take home and read and at the local Peddlers Malls for sale. As I sat down occasionally I still love a good book from time to time and still enjoy writing poems. I have written poems about our Soldiers in the War, about my grandparents and my husband’s grandma after they passed away. Now I just randomly jot down whatever is on my mind or how I feel at the time or what I maybe going through so it does not to build up

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