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"I'm a teacher. It doesn't matter what color i am." Freedom writers, an inspiring movie which took place in California between 1994-1996 after Los Angeles riot .This movie is based on a true story. It pays tribute to a teacher who make an enormous contributions to the lives of her students. This movie involves a new, excited and strong-willed white teacher, Erin Gruwell who took on a challenge of education a chaotic class of hardened inner city youths. Starring in this movie are Academy Award winner Hilary Swank, Scott Glenn, Imelda Staunton and Patrick Dempsey. Hilary Swank who plays the role of Erin Gruwell who in 1994 was a 23-year-old student teacher assigned to teach freshman English at Wilson High School in Long Beach, Calif. Her enthusiasm is rapidly challenged when she realizes that her class are all "at-risk" high school students. They are also known as "unteachables" and not the eager-for-college students she was expecting. At first, it is very hard for her to be close to them. They even doubt her intention to teach them. However, she has her own style of teaching in which she finally earn their trust and encourage them to receive the knowledge. She get them to read a novel The Diary of Anne Frank and write about their own life experiences in daily journal. She encourages them to write and they slowly they start to change. However, in the middle of the story, Erin Gruwell's effort lead to conflict with the backward thinking of her department head and with her husband (Patrick Dempsey), who just being disappointed of her because she takes on two part-time jobs to pay for more books and spends a lot more time at school. Freedom Writers is rated as PG13 since it contains some violent action and inappropriate use of language. This movie is suitable for teenagers, teachers and parents in which it inspired us on how to unite with others who came

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