I Was A Teenage Illiterate

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Literature is the art of written works. Its history counts centuries. It is tender and sensible. Literature influences us and touches our souls. Literature has genres. The most general genres in literature are tragedy, comedy, novel and short story. Literature also has age categories, by which writings are intended for specific ages. Literature takes an important place in our life, because it develops our personality. Reading literature develops our taste. Among its benefits are the enrichment of our language and extension of our knowledge. Literature brings us an emotional charge and the chance to share in other people’s life experiences. However, in addition to valuing literature treasures, we need to know some important rules about how to consume literature. It demands from us respect, attention, and comprehension. Therefore, we need to choose books correctly, accordingly to our age and taste. In the essay “I was a Teenage Illiterate”, by Cathleen Schine, the author shares with us her experiences with literature and reading. Shine tells us how, in spite of her graduate work, she felt stupid among her new New York friends when she discovered her knowledge of literature contained only medieval authors and books. She seemed illiterate. However, later she realizes her ignorance was really a gift: she finds if she had read the books at an earlier age, she couldn’t have understood 90 percent of their content, and to reread them later would be unlikely. Fortunately, she realizes she can now read, and understand more. In this essay, Schine wants to show us that reading is life-long process. Her life experience is a good example that it is never too late to start reading. Schine suggests that having an experienced person who can direct her reading activities and help with right book selection would be very valuable. It would allow her not to waste so much time on
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