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When you are down, when you are dealing with a major life change or illness, negative thoughts are likely to pop-up in your mind. Sometime even with the best peels and health-care can not fully recover the way you think. So what to do when you are in such position? The following tips might help you to change your negative or anger thoughts into a happier and more productive positive stance. “I can’t is just an opinion not a fact”: If you are frequently telling yourself "I can't", you may convince yourself that is the truth, but actually you may do better than you expect just because you do not give yourself a chance to try your best. Therefore, replace these negative words with positive ones instead. Tell yourself you will do your best or that you will try your hardest instead. So only use positive words when talking! Use words that evoke strength and success: Try filling your thoughts with words that make you feel strong, happy and in control of your life. Make a determined effort to focus on these words rather than those that make you feel like you are failing or ineffectual. Practice positive affirmation: One of the most popular positive thinking exercises is positive affirmation. This means you repeat a positive phrase to yourself on a regular basis like "I deserve to be happy" or "I am worthy of love". Believing that these things are true, and reminding yourself of it can help give you a more positive outlook on life. Believe you will succeed: There is nothing like believing in you to create a successful truth. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt and believe that you will succeed at fulfilling your goals. Analyze what went wrong: Thinking positively does not mean denying that there is anything wrong. Instead, give yourself some time to think about the things that led up to your current situation so you can avoid future mistakes and look

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