Leading High Performance Teams Essay

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Leading High Performance Teams | Class One Individual Assignment | Vivian Jones 12/7/2009 | The foundation of team building is discipline. In order to build great teams there has to be some wisdom as well as discipline. There has been a lot of concern about team building in the past and it is still prevalent with teams building today. Some of the concerns are openness, involvement, togetherness and trust according to Jon R. Katzenbach and Douglas K. Smith “The Wisdom of Teams.” I believe that in order to build teams or groups the members must share the same goals and be committed to these goals. If there are no shared goals, time and money spent on team building is often a waste of time or even counter-productive. The fundamental of the critical aspects of team building are viewed in as the challenges of team building and performance are reinforced and enhanced in The Wisdom of Teams. First six team basics define the discipline required for team performance are; small numbers, complementary skills, common purpose, common set of specific performance goals, commonly agreed upon working approach, and each team member must be mutually accountable. All of these fundamental basics equal success of a team. Second, performance outcomes and results must be the primary objective in choosing the team approach, not the desire to be a team. Third, the team leader is seldom the primary determinant of team performance. Fourth, the untapped potential for team performance is enormous in most organizations. Fifth, a strong and balance performance ethic spells the difference between widespread team performance versus random team successes. As Christians we should follow God’s call for us as we equip ourselves for the building of teams according to his will. God calls us as members of his body. Some of us can do one task and others can do another. As humans it is

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