Disciple Making in the Local Church

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LIBERTY UNIVERSITY BAPTIST THEOLOGICAL SEMINARY DISCIPLESHIP IN THE LOCAL CHURCH Submitted to Dr. B.R. Lowman in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the completion of DSMN 500-D14 Discipleship by Keisha L. Hairston April 24, 2015 It is the Holy Spirit who brings Christ to the individuals. It is the Spirit who builds up the church by gathering the individuals, even though in Christ, the whole building is already complete. Holy Spirit creates the community of the members of the body. The Lord is the Spirit. The church of Christ is Christ present through the Holy Spirit. Ultimately, the Holy Spirit calls us to Himself, then develops us and sends us out into the world to do His work. We of course, are given a work to do through His strength and direction. That is the task of building the church by making disciples. Disciples are born (again), and then made. There is a process that one must go through to graduate from infancy to a mature disciple. The key to this is putting in the work per se’. Just as God said He will meet us at our place of need, the Holy Spirit will guide us and mature us as we commit to spending time in and studying the Word, being mentored, and surrendering our lives to God. Becoming a disciple is a joint process between the person, the church, mentors and leaders, and the Holy Spirit. There is much to learn and adapt to in order to become a disciple of Jesus Christ. There is an expression that is used regarding raising children: “It takes a village.” This is also applicable in the making of a disciple. The local church is responsible for evangelizing within the community and reaching out to those who don’t know Christ. The church must go out and share the Gospel and the love of Christ. This can be done through outreaches and functions planned to draw the unsaved to the church. As the church we are
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