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| Laryngeal Airway Mask | Creating the Device | | Understanding and analyzing the process behind the making of the ‘Single Use Laryngeal Airway Mask’. Including investigating and examining the materials used and the techniques involved. | | By: Nuria Manuel, Jagdish Sawlani, Janani Mahendran and Sandra George | 4/11/2012 | | Preface ‘Laryngeal Airway Mask: Creating the device’ is extremely broad; it underlines the understanding behind the invention of the Laryngeal Mask, the procedures taken when dealing with the patient, and analysis on how to make the product better. All the information obtained was gained through deep and relative research including online database, textbooks which cover the subject, market research and also personal information. The primary purpose of this text is to provide a detailed, step by step approach to the process and procedures surrounding the material selection for the Laryngeal Mask. Nuria Manuel, BEng Chemical engineering Student Jagdish Sawlani, BEng Chemical engineering Student Janani Mahendran, BEng Chemical engineering Student Sandra George, BEng Chemical engineering Student Introduction The Laryngeal Mask Airway Unique (LMA) is an alternative airway device used for anaesthesia and airway support. It was introduced in the United Kingdom in 1983 by British anaesthesiologist A. I. J. Brain. The main purpose was to develop an airway apparatus that could rapidly overcome an obstructed airway, is simple to use, and is easy to insert. It is inserted blindly into the pharynx, forming a low-pressure seal around the laryngeal inlet and permitting gentle positive pressure ventilation. Design Brief To design and make an airway management apparatus that would be used to support the respiratory lining and help during inhalation and exhalation when the respiratory airway is damaged or when a patient is

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