Medical Website Evaluation Paper

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The purpose of this paper is to examine a medical website to determine the accuracy and usability of the information for the layperson, and also to aide in the development of personal skills to scrutinize websites using reasonable evaluation criteria. Initially, I searched for the drug tikosyn (dofetilide), but found the information too specific, so I decided to broaden my search to the medical condition atrial fibrillation. I was able to use Google as my search engine. The website I have settled on is (Davis n.d.). is owned and operated by WebMD. It is a consumer health information site. It contains over 900 health and medical articles written by physicians for patients. It is designed to provide educational health information for the general public. The editorial review process ensures that the medical information is objective, accurate and current by working as a team, a collaborative approach provides a system of checks and balances. The content of each article submitted is scrutinized and edited by one or more physician editors. Any expressed personal opinions are identified as such. The content of the articles are not designed to offer medical advice or promote an individual’s medical…show more content…
Honcodes focus is to promote the distribution of beneficial and dependable health information online. The eight principles of the HON code of conduct includes, the information must be authoritative, complementarity (the mission, purpose and audience intended), privacy, attribution (information is referenced and dated), justifiability, transparency (user support and ability to contact), financial disclosure, and advertising policy. This site is in compliance with HONcode and has been issued a certificate of compliance. There is a link to the certificate, at the bottom of each
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