Unit 1: Cleaning, Decontamination And Waste Management

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Cleaning, decontamination and waste management (IC 03) Unit 1 Understand how to maintain a clean environment to prevent the spread of infection 1.1 State the general principles for environmental cleaning • All cleaning equipment should be clean and maintained properly •Work surfaces and floors should be clean and intact, clear of clutter, dust free and good quality •GDP and water should be used (following the manufacturer’s instructions) Disinfectant should only be used to decontaminate spills of bodily fluids or for cleaning of an area after an outbreak of an infection •All cleaning equipment should be colour coded for different areas, as per National colour coding guide •Mop heads and…show more content…
It reduces them to a level which is considered safe and not harmful to health however is may not necessarily destroy some viruses. Disinfection should not be used as a substitute for sterilization as it will not achieve the same reduction in microorganisms as sterilization will. Sterilization- Sterilization renders an object free from viable microorganisms, including viruses and bacterial spores. Sterilization can be achieved by steam, hot air, ethylene oxide or irradiation. Autoclaving is the most common method, it uses steam under pressure to sterilize instruments and is the most reliable method. When sterile or disinfected items are required in the care setting single use, disposable items are recommended. 2.2 Describe how and when cleaning agents are used Cleaning agents are substances which are used to remove dirt, dust, stains and bad smells from surfaces. The purpose of these in the care setting is to avoid the spread of dirt and contaminants. There are many different cleaning agents which will be used in different places and circumstances. Household detergent and hot water remains the most effective method of removing contamination, bleach should be used on blood spills on hard surfaces. A COSHH assessment is needed for any cleaning

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