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An expressive doll first used by dressmakers, tailors and artist has been brought into the medical education field of nursing to provide training in recognition aspects of patient care. The Simulation Manikin also known as the SimMan is a recent technology that has been made with the objective to provide a supportive and safe setting in training in patient care. In order to understand the SimMan we need to first understand the machines history of how he was created and for what purpose. The SimMan has many features that are very lifelike. They range from breathing like a real person all the way to even talking like a real person. These features are what make SimMan such a great learning tool for nursing and medical students. They get the feel of a real scenario with the manikin, which makes a great tool for hands on learning without having any crucial mistakes made with actual human beings.

Background Although SimMan is still in its early stages of development it is very unique to see how a simple manikin doll that was first used by tailors and dressmakers is now one of our everyday teaching tools for nurses in training. The first medical simulation manikin was used during the 1930’s when simulators began to be adapted to certain field needs. The manikin was then used as a nuclear test to determine how nuclear weapons would affect humans in the early 1950’s. Still today the main purpose of the SimMan is to provide medical training to many professional such as nursing so that there will be a decreases amount of accidents during a nurses daily practice, such as giving prescriptions, aiding in surgery and providing care to patients. As technology has greatly progressed in the past decade, the SimMan was first used computer controlled in 1969 by Stephen Abrahamson and Dr. J. S. Denson. The manikin then started out as having only a heartbeat, pulse

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