Masters Prepared Interview

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Master's Prepared Nurse Interview The purpose of this paper is to interview a master’s prepared nurse and get more knowledge of the role they play in their career. I chose this person because I work with her in the critical care setting where she is our clinical resource to go to when questions may arise. She portrays to have lots of knowledge and experience in the nursing profession to share with others. By working with this individual, I have learned that she is an exceptionally energetic and compassionate person, portrays excellent critical care thinking skills, and has a passion for being a nurse in general. After high school, she started her college career at Eastern Kentucky University where her major at this time was undecided. While getting her undergraduate studies her grandmother got sick with cancer, and she dropped out of the classes she was enrolled in to help take care of her. Through the journey of taking care of her grandmother until she passed away led her to the decision she wanted to become a nurse. The following fall semester she enrolled back at the university where she changed her major to nursing and was accepted to the program for the following fall semester. Three years later she completed the baccalaureate nursing program with honors. She took her first nursing job at the University of Kentucky Hospital working in the trauma intensive care unit. By working in this critical care setting, she learned an immense deal of knowledge, critical thinking, collaboration, and the necessary decision making skills to become a more effective nurse. In this position, she also learned that the patients look up to the nurse not only to treat them but to educate and provide support to them and their family members. After being a nurse and working in this area for six years, she then contemplated of taking her education to the next level. She

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