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A SUMMERY OF ’’THE KITE RUNNER’’ The author of the novel, THE KITE RUNNER is Hussein. It was the author’s first novel. He was a practicing physician until shortly after the book's release and has now devoted himself to being an author and activist. The writer narrates an event that took place in the winter of 1975 between him( Amir) and Hassan the ‘’harelipped kite runner’’ as he calls him. Amir narrates this story in year 2002 about how this particular event changed his life forever. Amir tells us about his childhood, during the monarchy reign in Afghanistan. He was the son to a wealthy and charitable man called Baba. A very quiet man who did not pay much attention to his son. He lived in kabul. Baba would have wished for a brave and athletic son instead of a coward and a bookish. Amir’s closest friend was Hassan, who was also a servant to him. Hassan was very close to his dad, Ali, who was Baba’s servant as well. Hassan loved Amir so much that he would do anything for him. Despite their differences, Amir and Hassan were very close. Amir narrates that His granddad took Ali into his house after Ali’s parent died in an acciden. So Ali and Baba grew up together in the same house, but could not become true friends because of their class differences and that was the same with him(Amir) and Hassan. Amir was literate and loved writing but his friend Hassan was uneducated. During winter, schools are closed in Kabul and so most boys spent their time kite fighting. When defeated kites fell out, the boys would chase them and bring them home as trophies. They were called the kite runners. Amir as usual would fly kites while Hassan ran kites for him. Hassan was the best kite runner who was described as having a seventh sense of where a kite would land. During that same time (1973) a coup d’etat was taking place in Afghanistan, changing it from a monarchy to a republic.

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