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The Kite Runner By Khaled Hosseini The author of The Kite Runner is Khaled Hosseini. He was born 1965 in Kabul, a city in Afghanistan, and later moved to Iran. His family later returned to Afghanistan, but his father obtained a job in France in 1976 so they moved there. His family decided not to return to their original home in Kabul, because in 1978, Afghanistan was being torn apart by the Soviets. The author wrote this book recently to describe the social tensions that many Afghans faced, the effects of the Soviet’s attack on Afghanistan, and the difficulty of immigrating to America. The protagonist of the book, Amir is born in Kabul, Afghanistan, to a wealthy father, and is raised not having to face many of the problems other Afghans are facing, such as poverty. Khaled Hosseini’s and Amir’s backgrounds are very similar, and it seems like Khaled Hosseini wrote this book to tell of his war-torn home country. This fictional novel follows the story of Amir’s life, and the many conflicts he faces on the road to redemption, but it also shows the story of a country divided by wealth and poverty, and destroyed by violence. Throughout the events of the novel, we find out about Amir’s and Khaled’s mindset. Unlike many other Afghans, Amir and Khaled do not look down upon others lower in social class than them. The divide between the social classes is the focus of one of Amir’s main conflicts. Amir’s friend, Hassan, is a Hazara, which is a group of people who were generally poor. A large amount of Afghanistan’s population was composed of Hazaras. Amir is a Pashtun, a group of people who were generally wealthier than Hazaras, and dominated the government. Hazaras were hated by Pashtuns. Assef and his friends (neighborhood bullies who were Pashtuns) rape Hassan, simply because he was a Hazara. Amir watches as the bullies rape Hassan, but does not try to assist Hassan in

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