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Bravery,Uniqueness,Intelligence Have you ever read the book,The Outsiders,written by S.E Hinton. The story is mainly about a gang of boys called Greasers who all stick together through thick or thin. The Greasers have a rivalary with another group of upper class kids called Socs. The rivalary leads to many breathtaking problems for both groups. The story focuses on the main character,Ponyboy Michael Curtis and the many problems he has to oveercome. In S.E Hinton's,The Outsiders,Ponyboy Curtis demonstrates three important character traits;bravery,uniqueness,and intelligence. The first character trait that Ponyboy expressed throughout the story was bravery.One example of bravery was on page 92 where Ponyboy said,"I remeber wondering what it was like in a burning ember.Why aren't i scared?" This shows that Pony kept his composure as he went into a burning building,and he wasn't even haunted-movie scared! Another example of Pony showing bravery is when he went and fought the Socs in a huge fight called a rumble. Even though Pony was youmger and smaller then the rst of the guys and sick,he was still ready to back up his friends. Another character trait that Ponyboy showed in the story was uniqueness. One example of his uniqueness was on page 178 where Johnny,Pony's bestfriend said,"Like the way you dig sunsets Pony." This shows that unlike the other Greasers, Pony takes time to look at the glowing sunset. Another example was that he read chapter books and was the only boy in the gang to be in school getting A's. The last character trait that Pony demonstrated was intelligence.An example of his intelligence as on page 169 where Pony said,"I used to get A's." this shows that Pony before his terrible accident used to get A's and was very intelligent. Another example of his intelligence was that he read chapter books such as "Gone with the Wind."

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