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STUDY GUIDE QUESTIONS The Kite Runner Assignment 1 Chapters 1-4 1. What does Amir say happened to him at the age of twelve? 2. Compare and contrast the type of homes Amir and Hassan live in. 3. Who is Rahim Khan? 4. What happened to Amir's mother? 5. What happened to Hassan's mother? 6. Describe Ali. 7. What is physically odd about Hassan? 8. What did Amir's father build during Amir's early childhood? 9. Amir's father says there is only one sin in the world. What is it? 10. What favorite pastime does Amir have that his father just can't stand? 11. How did Amir's family come to know Ali? 12. What prompts Amir to write his first story? Assignment 2 Chapters 5-7 1. What was the cause of all the gunfire and bombing that took place after Amir read Hassan his story? 2. What is Assef's reputation around town? 3. Assef says, "Too late for Hitler, but not for us." What does he mean? 4. What does Hassan do to save both himself and Amir from Assef? 5. What does Amir's father get Hassan for his birthday? 6. What is every kid's favorite season in Kabul? 7. What does it mean to "run" a kite? 8. Why do people have bloody hands after flying a kite? 9. What is the best prize to have during the kite fighting tournament? 10. Why does Amir want to win the kite tournament so badly? 11. What happens to Hassan after he has caught the last fallen kite from the tournament? 12. Why does Amir compare the look in Hassan's eyes while Assef is hurting him to the look in the lamb's eyes before it is killed for food? 13. What does Amir do when he sees what is happening to Hassan? Assignment 3 Chapters 8-9 1. How does Hassan act in the weeks following the kite fighting tournament? 2. Describe Amir's relationship with his father after winning the tournament. 3. What did Amir say as he lay awake in the room of sleeping relatives in Jalalabad? 4.

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