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Leonidas Leonidas was born around 520 B.C. to King Anaxandridas II, a son of Hercules. Anaxandridas had two wives therefore Leonidas had an older half-brother, Cleomenes, along with his other brother Dorieus and younger brother Cleombrotus I. Cleomenes was thought to succeed Anaxandridas’ throne after his death because he was the firstborn but, he was son of his second wife so his claim to the throne was not entirely genuine. The throne should’ve gone to Dorieus as Anaxandridas’ eldest son by his first marriage but, was held off until further thought. It is not certain why Cleomenes supported Dorieus in several foreign expeditions. It is thought that he feared him dearly as a rival or because Cleomenes really had an interest in the trips. Fortunately for Cleomenes, Dorieus was killed on one of these…show more content…
It is estimated King Xerxes had several hundred thousand men. The Persians greatly outnumbered the Greeks at Sparta, Athens, and other city-states. Unfortunately, King Leonidas was forced to meet with the Persians without his Spartan army. King Xerxes planned his attack during important religious festivals for the Greeks. The Spartans were celebrating the Carneian festival, in honor of Apollo, as the Persians threatened to conquer them. Sadly, Spartan law forbid the army fight back during the festival, King Leonidas was only allowed to take his personal bodyguard and a few others to fight alongside him at Thermolypae. Leonidas clearly realized he would not return from battle, which was his partial intention. The Oracle at Delphi had prophesied that Sparta would mourn the loss of its city or one of its greatest kings. Therefore, King Leonidas believed if he went and sacrificed himself, Sparta would be saved. It was his will to obey Sparta laws and not take his army of thousands. Instead, he took 300 of his best warriors, all with born sons to carry on their family

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